Where to eat: taverns, restaurants and ouzeries in Amorgos

The island of Amorgos offers the tourist a wide range of choice between taverns, restaurants and ouzeries where you can have traditional meals, fresh fish, grilled meat or just a local drink with some appetizer or “mezedes”, for a special evening, a romantic candlelight dinner surrounded by a striking view. In Amorgos you will never be short of choices.

Giving advice about the best place to eat is not easy, since everyone has his own preferences……

LIOTRIVI’S Restaurant – Chora
It is located close to the official entrance to Chora, the Platea. It is a typical, traditional restaurant serving local cuisine. Here you can eat the delicious Horiatiko, veal stew with vegetables (peas and carrots), covered with cheese and cooked in the oven. It is served with hot bread, sprinkled with lemon, olive oil and oregano.
Mr Prasinos. Tel 2285071700

THEA – Taverna Thea - Chora
The restaurant is in the commercial district of Chora (near Loza square); the tables are placed in a romantic terrace with a wonderful sight (THEA=sight) of the Chora and its windmills. Here local cuisine is served; sublime is the Melatzanaki Forno me Tyri, which are oven-cooked eggplants with onions and a thin layer of feta cheese faithfully prepared by the owner’s (Mr.Vaggelis) mother.





Located in one of those small streets near the Kostandinis’ cobbler shop, it is a delicious little restaurant with the “aromatic” name Basilikos; it offers roasted pork, lamb and chicken. Souvlaki and Gyros are available as well, always with traditional music playing in the background. Very fresh and tasty vegetables are served as side dish. 22850/71666





Right over the Aghios Pavlos bay, this tavern serves roasted meat, local cuisine, fresh fish and lobsters. It position is very convenient because it is behind the beach and offers a superb view over the bay of Aghio Pavlos.   
From Chora take the road to the bay of igiali. After about 8Km, at the junction with the road to the beach, make a left, the tavern will be right in front of you.
Mrs Evagelia Smirni tel: 22850/73355

MOUROS' TAVERNA – Mouros beach
Taverna Mouros


Heading to Kato Meria. Above the Mouros beach.
Offers local traditional cuisine, fresh fish, lobsters.
Drinks and snacks are served on a terrace with an enchanting view.
Mrs Kaveou SIgala Paraskevi
Tel 6945778700 – 6944164857.



Pizza Petrino

Appetizers, snacks and cafés are served under the shadow of the bougainvilleas that surround this very traditional bar. It is near the commercial district of Chora in one of its small streets.
Mr. Mihalis Petsetakis tel 22850/71507




It is located on the pier of the harbour; it is a “psarotaverna” i.e. a tavern that serves fish, obviously very fresh fish. Lobsters, shrimps, grilled fish, fried fish, dried octopus served with oregano.
The restaurant is in the harbour, 20m far from the FLYING CAT docking.  It has a nostalgic atmosphere.
Mr. Despotidis 22850/71011

Helios cafe


It is the right place for an ice-cream, a snack, to have breakfast or just to sit down and enjoy the traditional music in one of nice small squares of Chora, right under the Kastro of the Amorgos island.





Bayoko cafe bar Amorgos



It is a delicious kafenion in Platea, right beside the bus stop, with colourful chairs, it serves traditional and continental breakfasts and cappuccino.